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HOSABETTU: (C. 1761)

Address : Hosabettu P.O.
Via Moodbidri 574 227
Phone : 08258-264544; 8277939341

Catholics : 1243 Families : 268

P. P. : Rev. Gregory D’Souza
(from 2021 onwards)
Phone : 9448004830


B.D.P. Convent
Superior: Sr Laveena Fernandes
Hosabettu P.O., Via Moodbidri 574 227
Phone : 08258-264740


St Sebastian Hr Pry School


Former Priests :

P. P. : Rev. Santhosh S. Rodrigues (2016 - 2021)
P.P. : V. Rev. Fr. Assisi Rebello (till 2016)


This church existed well before 1798, known as Bidrem church.  It was situated at about 2 kms from the present site. After 1798 it came to be known as Hospet.  This church was the residence of Vicar General of the Archdiocese  of Goa for some time.

At the time of the general demolition of churches by Tipu Sultan, this was the only church that escaped destruction owing to the friendly offices of the Chauta Raja of Moodbidri.  The old church was repaired by Fr Jerome Paul Carvalho in 1865.  Under the jurisdiction of Goa, 11 vicars had served this church.  Fr Jacob Sequeira (1901-1904) was the first diocesan vicar and he was succeeded by Fr Cajetan M. Pereira.
The foundation stone for the present church, designed by Fr A. Diamanti sj, was laid on October 1, 1905 by V. Rev. Frachetti sj, the Vicar General.   Fr Cajetan M. Pereira (1904-1907) began the  construction of the church and Fr Rosario P.B. Lewis (1908-1919) completed it and it was blessed on February 7, 1909 by Bishop A. Cavadini sj.  This church is one of the first in the diocese built in Cruciform and gothic in style.

The earlier presbytery was built in 1854.  Moodbidri, Shirthady, Ferar, Paladka and Taccode parishes are carved out of this parish.   The present presbytery was built by Fr Cyprian Coelho   in 2000. Fr Alban is the 20th diocesan vicar of the parish.

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