FERMAI: (2003)

Address : Fermai, Mangalore – 575 029.
Phone : 0824–2278750; 8277939337

Catholics : 810 Families : 188

P. P. : Rev. Louis Cutinha
(from 2017 onwards)
Phone : 9448858880


St Thomas Hr Pry School, Bondanthila


Former Priests : 

P.P. : Rev. Fr. Robert Crasta (till 2017)



Fr L. A. Cutinho of Omzoor (1973-1976) was requested by the people of Fermai to build a chapel there. Mr Eugene Cutinho intended to donate some land for the chapel with a condition that the chapel be built first and then to start the work on the cemetery. This was not materialized. In 1997 Fr Andrew D’Souza, the present parish priest of Omzoor, took up the idea again and obtained 2 acres of free land from Mr Francis Cutinho and another 0.14 acres from his neighbour at Fermai and the work was begun in 1998. The chapel was officially erected in 1999. He is trying to make it an independent parish by the end of 2003.

Fr Andrew has purchased 2 ½ acres of land at Bondanthila from a Catholic who has donated 1 acre of land to the Bondanthila Higher Primary School. Fr Andrew has put up a new block to the school at Bondanthila. Bondanthila is close to Fermai and the people of Bondanthila attend the services at Fermai.

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