CASCIA: (1935)

Address : Morgansgate, Mangaluru-575 001
Phone : 0824-2415461; 8277939328
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Catholics : 1543 Families : 355

P. P. : Rev. Eric Crasta
(from 2020 onwards)
Phone : 9448254684, 9740292871
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Resident : Rev. Rupesh Madtha
Phone : 9611876693
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Vinayalaya Convent
Superior: Sr Asha Joyce
Near St Rita’s Eng. Hr Pry School
Jeppu, Cascia, Mangalore – 575 001.
Phone : 0824-2416789; 9880489733


1. St Rita Kan. Hr. Pry School (Girls)
    Phone: 9740939435
2. St Rita Eng. Hr. Pry School Phone: 0824-2415002
3. St Rita Eng. High School Phone: 0824-2415002
4. St Rita Pre-Primary School Phone: 0824-2415002
5. Cascia High School Phone: 0824-2414018


Former Parish Priests :

Rev. Harold Mascarenhas (till 2020)


History :

Mangalore embraces Cascia in its southern most area, located near Morgan's Gate bus stand. "CASCIA" came from St. Rita of Cascia (Italy).
Cascia parish was established in 1935 and on 2010 its Platinum Jubilee was celebrated. Cascia and St. Rita are considered the brain child of a well known, dedicated and holy priest Msgr F.X. Fernandes. He was the parish priest in Cascia from 1935 to 1968 ! It was he who built the Roman style mighty and magnificent church building. He took over the St. John's kannada medium school for boys, founded the St. Rita Kan. medium school and also the Cascia High School. More than the christians the non-christians have received education from these schools and they gratefully remember the founder priest Msgr. Fernandes.
This parish which completed 76 years, serves areas like Jeppu Market, Morgan's Gate, Mahakalipadpu, Jeppu Bappal, Marnamikatta and Nandigudda etc.After Msgr.Fernandes over the years seven parish priests have served this parish and have left heir mark by building school facilities and other expansions. The present Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. A. P. D'Souza too was one of the past parish priests from 1988 to 1995.
In preparation of its Parish Platinum Jubilee the present Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Vincent Victor Menezes with the help of the parishioners and the good will of  donors had the church building renovated. He also renovated the Belfry giving it a new, magnificent  look and  also re-built the parish hall.
This parish has now 360 families.
St. Rita known as the "Saint of the Impossible"-advocate of the helpless was born in Italy in 1381. Her life has no parallel, perhaps.She has excelled in all possible roles of a woman establishing her sainthood firmly. The roles she played which were not usual in those times can be named as daughter,wife,suffering mother, widow and strange but true a "NUN". After the tragic death of her husband and sons she gained admission to the convent in amiraculous wat. She was declared a SAINT by  Pole Leo XIII on May 22nd 1900. Her feast is celebrated on 22nd May.

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