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Address : Balkunje P.O.,
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Catholics : 1040      Families : 232

P. P. : Rev. Michael D’Silva
Phone : 9448215478
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Providence Convent
Superior: Sr M. Zenita BS
Bolkunje P.O. 574 172.
Phone : 0824-2298160
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Providence Hostel
Superior: Sr M. Elizabeth, BS
Balkunje P.O. 574 172
Ph: 2298788


St Paul’s Hr Pry School Ph: 0824-2298741



Bala-Kunja means great hardship. This church was carved out of Kirem and Kinnigoly parishes. On Janauary 1, 1915 it was decided to erect a chapel here to afford greater facilities to the people. Fr Emmanuel Rebello of Kirem used to celebrate Mass on Sundays at private houses for two years prior to this date. The government donated 2 acres of land where a chapel was built by him and it was inaugurated by Bishop Paul Perini on December 9, 1915. It was served from Kirem by Fr Julian L. A. D’Souza (1915-1929), later Monsignor, the assistant of Kirem. After the presbytery was built, Fr Julian D’Souza was appointed on April 2, 1919 as the first resident priest, the chapel being still under Kirem. It was raised to the status of a parish on Easter Sunday, 1921 with Fr Julian D’Souza as its first parish priest.

Fr Louis Menezes donated the Grotto in 1933. Fr Paul Farias (1936-1947) constructed the new church and the presbytery. These were inaugurated on November 24, 1942. Fr Lawrence Monteiro (1959-1971) constructed the new belfry and renovated the church and did the electrification of the church and the presbytery. Fr Ligoury Pinto (1971-1974) provided the sound system and the marble Altar. Fr Cyril A D’Souza (1976-1983) built the new presbytery. Fr Cyril Pinto (1990-1997) renovated the church, including the sanctuary in 1995.

The primary school was started on September 1, 1916. In 1922, the new school building was built on a plot of land given by the government. Mr Bosthu Santhis donated a plot of land as well as cash  of Rs 1,500 in 1930 for the Bethany Convent which was opened on June 8, 1930. Fr Marian Castelino (1929-1936) started the tailoring classes. In 1949, Fr William Veigas (1949-1959) upgraded the school to Higher Primary level and constructed the required additional building for the school. Fr Alexander Lobo (1974-1976) started the High School and constructed the High School building and handed it over to the Bethany Sisters since the diocesan authoriies were not in favour of starting a high school there. He added two classrooms to the primary school. The primary school celebrated its platinum jubilee on December 20, 1991.

The platinum jubille of the parish was celebrated on February 12, 1991. Fr Joseph Nicholas Lobo is the fourteenth parish priest of Bolkunje.

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