Media Release

Feb 1 : The Father Muller Medical College welcomed the freshmen of the MBBS 2020 course on 1st February 2021, at the Muller Dine, Convention Centre. The smiles on the budding doctors and their parents were abounds. The campus was all geared up in welcoming the new batch with welcome banners and presentations. The parents of wards admitted into the medical stream were in all praise of the Institution echoing the professionalism and hospitality of the welcome.

Dr Jayaprakash Alva, Dean, Father Muller medical College, took on his shoulders the huge task of welcoming the dignitaries, faculty, parents and wards. Welcoming the students and their parents he said that they had entered into an institution of academic excellence and high ethical and moral values, which stands as an excellence among all private medical institutions in the country. Speaking on the occasion, he spoke about the prestigious institute and quality of medical education at Father Muller Medical College, with his lucid speech which was liked by all. He emphasized on the importance of dedication and discipline for the smooth sailing and successful completion of the MBBS course. On this occasion, students and their parents were made aware of the institution, its rules and regulations as well as about the course and curriculum which has been revamped and the new syllabus which is competency and skill-based learning. Dr J P Alva introduced the Chief Guest, Dr Sharath Kumar Rao, Dean, Kasturba Medical College, and Manipal. Dr. Rao was introduced to be a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, who has authored many publications and has experience in many national and international workshops.

Dr Sharath Kumar Rao, in his guest speech, spoke to the freshmen saying a medical student needed to become good human beings before all and that the equal contribution from students as well as parents will ensure their success in the MBBS professional career. He stressed on the importance of standing on one’s own feet and learning to be independent. He furthered that a good student needs to follow the ‘ABCDs’ of life in order to be good human beings. Attitude, Behaviour towards the patient, colleagues, teachers, society and life in general along with Communication and Discipline were the ABCDs to a good doctor. He explained that professional excellence could be achieved through commitment, hard work, dedication and creativity of the individual. One must keep learning lifelong along with self-learning in order to be successful. He added that there are three attempts in learning – Fail, Failure which is a stepping stone to success and never make an exception an example. He concluded by saying, “Being ignorant of one’s ignorance is the biggest ignorance”.

Rev Fr Richard A Coelho, Director Father Muller Charitable Institutions, handed over a memento to the chief guest prior to delivering his presidential address. He wholeheartedly welcomed the freshmen and their parents to the institutions who came to this institution not by chance but only by choice. The climbing of the mountain to reach the medical career was over after the toil put in by the wards and parents through 24*7 studies, tuitions, qualifying NEET and the admission rounds. Medicine cannot be learned through correspondence and he has to feel the patient pulse and heartbeat, establish trust, enhance the soft skills, listen to the woes, suffering and anxiety and learn to give first aid and surgery. He proudly praised the quality of medical education at Father Muller Medical College. He said that the institution along with the medical college transfers the student to be better human beings. Being merciful toward patients without letting religion and politics get in the way of providing utmost care to the patient must be our topmost priority when treating patients. He also advised the students to use the language of peace, love and compassion always to communicate towards the patients.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Prakash Shetty, Professor &Head, Department of Anatomy, and the course coordinator for the 1st MBBS students, who eloquently thanked the dignitaries for their advice and the parents and freshmen for being now the part of the MULLERIAN FAMILY. He thanked the MBBS batch of 2018 for the arrangements, the MC, Dr. Reshma Quadros and the staff for their help. He wished all a pleasant stay in Mangalore and at the Father Muller Campus.

The post break session began with the self-introduction by the newly joined MBBS students. The students were asked to introduce themselves, the college or school they last attended and where they hailed from. Though the student crowd was diverse from different parts of the country, the excitement and enthusiasm they shared was evident through their smiling faces and voice.

Ms. Sharon Shajan from the MBBS batch of 2018 shared her experiences of being a Mullerian for the past two years. She comforted the apprehensive students with her calming words and reiterated that the good as well as the bad experiences they will have as a student, would be a wonderful learning process and more importantly a memorable one. This was followed by talk byMrs. Reshma Angelin Saldanha, mother of Ms. Arpitha Saldanha,as a representative of all the parents of the newly joined students. She briefly shared her viewpoint as a parent of her ward joining the prestigious Mullerian family.

The ethics code was administered by Dr Nagesh K. R., Professor &Head of Forensic Medicine and Member secretary of the Bioethics Committee. A white coat ceremony was held and the importance and use of the doctor's apron was told. White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage for medical students, and was created by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in 1993. During the ceremony, a white coat is placed on each student's left palm and often the Hippocratic Oath is recited, signifying their entrance into the medical profession.

Dr J P Alva, Dean, Father Muller Medical College, spoke on the university rules along with the new syllabus for the MBBS programme implemented by the Medial Council of India. The new curriculum is the need of the hour, making doctors not only skillful in medicine but also in soft skills. The new curriculum begins with clinical exposure of patients from the first year itself and providing soft skill learning and doctor patient’s rights learning. Students and their parents were made aware of the institution, its rules, and regulation as well as about the course and curriculum which has been revamped and the new syllabus which is skill-based learning.

Fr Ajith Menezes, Administrator, Father Muller Medical College, briefed the gathering on the legacy and heritage of the institution. He essayed the guidelines and norms to be followed in campus and to the parents in approaching the management for any concerns. He also mentioned the etiquettes to be followed during hospital rounds and in college hours. He talked about the various facilities available in-house for all round growth of the students.

A little lilting music and the chink in ice, new faces, smiles all along, resounding laughter- yes it is our time! Continuing with the proud tradition of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions, the freshmen marched on with gleaming faces.