Media Release

Dec 12 : The Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI) heralded the 2020 Christmas season with the release of the Christmas Bulletin 2020, FMCI calendar 2021, Christmas Health Check-up Schemes and the Father Muller Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Division Calendar 2021.

In a small yet eventful celebration of the heralding of the birth of Jesus, the Father Muller Charitable Institutions under its Director Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho and its administrators proposed a peaceful and pandemic free world. Every year the institution goes all out to celebrate Christmas with its extended family of Doctors, Faculty, Staff and Patients with song and dance, a sight like none other. This year keeping in mind the era of the COVID-19 pandemic the institution gathered a few to witness a tailored event stitched closely with joyous overtures of service and love. A warm and eloquent welcome was delivered by Dr Jayaprakash Alva, Dean of the Father Muller Medical College who expressed the warmth and season’s greetings of Christmas. “The focus every year is the same, i.e.; harmony and love to our brethren near and far. An outdoor activity every year has turned into an indoor activity. Though a small crowd, it’s a reason for everyone to celebrate and a moment to share our joy and gifts with each other. He gave a brief introduction of the day’s chief guest and then wishing everyone gathered a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2021.

























The FMCI calendar 2021 is a most sought after keepsake for many with its beautiful designs and detailing helping people knowing the day and dates of everyday. The brainchild of this year’s calendar, Fr Ajith B Menezes who saw to it that this year every institution’s ethos was printed in colour to represent the service nature of all the sister concerns of the FMCI. Photography by Mr Pritham Denzil D’Souza (Photosynthe) aided by Dr Nicole Pereira and team not only brought to context the vision of Fr Ajith but also the soul of the everyday work the FMCI carries in service to the people.

The calendar was released by the Chief guest Dr John Edward D’Silva, Director Xavier Block of science and research, St Aloysius College, Mangaluru.

The Christmas bulletin the annual bulletin 2020 is a compilation and a reflection of the Institutions colleges information, events, projects ,academic achievements of the preceding year which the editorial board headed by dean Dr Jayaprakash Alva put together by literary zeal. Every year the annual bulletin reflects on the work done of all the sister concerns of the FMCI thus bringing into one book its activities and also the year OPD doctors schedules of its hospitals in Kankanady, Thumbay, Deralakatte and Bajpe. This piece of information is the most sought after by patients and NGO’s alike, to know the services the FMCI provides in healthcare and its treating team. The calendar and Bulletin were released from a replica of a mask to mean that the year 2020 has been a year of the mask and sanitizer, hoping the coming year 2021 will be the year where we shed our masks and look forward with hope.

With the very burdening expense of getting health checkups and the increased stress by the COVID pandemic on the pockets of many, this time the Director and Administrator of FMMCH decided to dole out at 25% concession for the Christmas Health Check-up Schemes running from 15Dec 20202- 15 Jan 2021. This is the first time ever that the institution has reached out with a whopping 25% concession for the health seeker. Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa expressed his wishes that more people come and avail this offer. The health checkups has 8 schemes : Child health, Adolescent Health, General, Comprehensive, Senior Citizen, Women, Complete Heart Checkup and Executive. The contact number for the same is 9449544661 between 7am and 4pm. The same scheme has been extended to the Father Muller Hospital Thumbay.

The homeopathic Pharmaceutical Division calendar 2021, the most sought after by many was released by the director in presence of the gathering. The latest products manufactured both over the counter and prescription medicines have their place in the calendar. The calendar also helps promote the Homeopathic system of medicine for which the Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre is famous for. With the government support for the AYUSH system of medicine, homeopathic medicines have been the most sought after for chronic illnesses. Fr Roshan Crasta was instrumental in bringing out the calendar with product detailing and revisions.

Dr John Edward D’Silva, Director Xavier block of Science and Research Centre, St Aloysius College essayed the selfless work of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions this COVID pandemic, serving humanity with dignity irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The true message of Christmas echoed in the working of the doctors, nurses, staff in providing care and comfort the sick and ailing, even as a witness to an incident the dignified care of the deceased. The hospitals management and staff put on hold their lives in care of the others, they kept open all services for the needs of the others, no one was denied health during this pandemic, to which he recalled the tireless services of the director and team in keeping afloat the hospital when the public need health the most. This should not be forgotten by the public and the government. Christmas is not a celebration but a living that one has to embody in the heart than the outward commercialization of the festivities. All festivities have become an outward show but lesser a family and harmony event.

Fr Richard A. Coelho in his presidential address echoed the joy of the birth of Jesus as a hinge in the pages of history, heralding a brighter and hopeful future for humankind. The true Prince of Peace was proclaimed by angels to the world and made flesh for us to see. The very nature of his birth should also make us realize the importance of simplicity and family. The Father Muller Charitable Institutions is a large and mighty family. We take care of each other and are by each other. The main motto of the institution is “Heal and Comfort” which is what we help spread in the community. Never is a day that we lay our head to sleep without a prayer for our family and the patients who form an integral part of the family. We have bravely fought this pandemic and will be a beacon to those who seek health. With the coming year’s calendar release, he wished a fruitful and joyous Christmas and new year to all. The health Checkup Schemes is for the use of many in search of health, in our every commitment to make healthcare affordable and far reaching.

Invocation was sung by the Homeopathic College, carols were sung by the MBBS 2015 batch and the Homeopathic Students. Compeers were Dr Saritha Lobo and Dr Chandralekha. Dr Mahesh was awarded a memento for his amazing work of art which depicts the life of the corona warrior under the surgical mask depicting the presence of god and his protection to humanity during the pandemic as a cover page for the bulletin. The vote of thanks was given by Dr Antony D’Souza, Dean Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences. In presence were the Administrators, spiritual priests, Health of Institutions and departments.