April 20, 2017: The CODP® and Diocesan CAP Cell organized a five-day residential programme for students of 8th and four-day residential programme for students of 9th standards.  The programme was held in CODP-ISD campus from 3rd to 7th April 2017.

At the inaugural programme chaired by Fr Oswald Monteiro, Director, CODP; the students were encouraged to be aware of what happens in their surroundings and society and thereby motivate themselves in getting involved in activities that concerns society.  This way the students will be able to decide on a career to serve the society and hence the country.






Classes on academic subjects like: GMAT, Geography, English Grammar, Spoken English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History and also various other Soft skills topics like How to face exams, Group Dynamics (Creativity), Group leadership, Self Esteem, etc.  were taken up by active members of the CAP Cell who are in the teaching faculty and other fields of service.  The sessions were interspersed with group activities and games relevant to the subjects of instruction.

As a part of the study schedule the students were also taken on a half day tour of the Science Center at Pilikula along with CODP staff.  Mr. Jaganath, Curator of Pilikula guided the students in this trip, identified the various plants and trees and explained about the use of trees and how they protect our environment. Then he took students to the medicinal plants garden wherein he explained the use and importance of different types of medicinal plants. Later Mr. Jaganath, divided the students into two groups.  He invited the boys group to visit Biodiversity room and the Girls to watch 3D film and vice versa.

On 5th April evening there was a sharing session by parents of YET students and CAP Cell. Fr Oswald Monteiro, welcomed the parents and thanked them for sending their children for YET programme. He further explained that the main purpose of calling them is to evaluate the YET programme conducted by CODP during the year.  He called upon the parents to keep encouraging their children and keep dreaming for a bright future of their children.






Fr. Jagadish Pinto, Director of Gladsom Home in his speech motivated the parents to guide their students to take up government jobs. He said that there are so many vacancies in various Government departments / offices, but the Christian community youth do not take advantage of these available opportunities.  We need to enter Govt. services in order to witness Jesus.  Quoting a Chinese proverb he said; the best time to plant a tree is 20 yrs back, next best time is now.  Similarly YET has taken off 4 years back and will yield soon.

93 students took active part in the proceedings on all the days.  43 students were provided with overnight residential facility in CODP, since they had come from far off places.

Everyday, in the evenings, opportunity was provided to the students to display their talents, mix with each other, share their views through feedback.  Mr Santhosh Monteiro, Mrs. Chandrakala, Mrs Shanthi D’Souza and Fr. Oswald Monteiro conducted some activities like Ice-breaking sessions, Quiz, games etc for the resident students.


















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