News & Pics By Roshan Madtha

Sep 8 : 112th Nativity feast of Mother Mary under the leadership of Monthi Saibeen Feast Committee Attavar celebrated today at Milagres Church Mangalore. It was a grand celebration organized by Monthi Saibeen Feast Committee under the leadership President Ivan Fernandes and secretary Mr Nygel Pereira.

Procession started at the residence of Mr Nygel Pereira. Mother Mary statue was blessed By Rev Fr Valerian, Parish Priest of Milagres and Assistant parish Rev Fr Edwin. Prior to this nine days Novena was held at their Residence by Ward members and Monthi Saibeen Ward committee. Procession began from the Attavar BV Road Junction at 7.30 PM. Hundreds of devotees participated in the procession followed by Tablo of Mother Mary. Milagres Parish has this unique tradition of the procession which was followed from last 122 years.

At Church ground, procession was welcomed by parishioners. New Corn was blessed. Children offered the flowers to mother Mary and Holy Eucharist Mass was celebrated.

During the ceremony, Father said “The feast of Mother Mary started at 5th century at Seria is followed by whole universe. We do not know exact place where it was started. In France a poor farmer had a dream where Angels came in his dream and said that the Mother Mary birthday has to be celebrated on Sept 8th. The same message he conveyed to the Bishop and feast started. Today every Catholics in India has three mothers. One Mother Mary, second our own mother and 3rd Our Nature. We should give importance to protect our nature today as it's getting poisoned day by day. This will lead to self-destruction of humans. We all will lose our lives if we do not protect our nature.”

Soon after the mass, New Crop was distributed to all followed by sugar cane.