Media Release

April 04: The Holy commemoration of the historical event of the sacrifice of Lord Jesus on the cross was celebrated in Neermarga Parish with utmost reverence and was participated by a number of believers on 2nd April, 2021.

The Way of the Cross was conducted on the Church Grounds at 9 a.m. Word of God, Reflection, Life’s Echoes, Thoughts of Jesus and Mary, Lent Hymns, prayers for each of the fourteen stations were sublime and were read by three representatives from a ward. (total 48 members from 16 wards of the Parish) For about 70 minutes, the Way of the Cross was observed that helped the congregation to spend time with Christ, thanking Him, praising Him, and remembering Jesus’ love, sacrifice, and forgiveness and drawing near to Him.









At the outset, Rev Fr Anil D Mello, Parish Priest and Rev Dr Fr Rocky D Cunha, The Rector of Kripalaya Seminary of Capuchins, Mysore came in procession and prostrated in front of the Bare Altar. the Good Friday liturgy contains Four unique components: the reading from the Scriptures including the Passion of the Lord according to the Gospel of St. John, the praying of The Solemn Intercessions, the Adoration of the Holy Cross and the Holy Communion. Each of these assisted the Faithful enter more fully into their relationship with Christ and recommitted them to pray and work for the good of the church and world.

Rev Dr Fr Rocky D Cunha, in his homily said “For us Christians the cross is a sign of our Salvation, the living link. Adversities serve to open our eyes and stir our conscience. For they strike at the very things that occupy our focus- the prosperity before us. If our offering of a contrite heart flows from a genuine recognition of the truth of our unworthiness before God and our need for his mercy, then it should also lead to a realization of our obligation to show mercy as well. Because the Lord who offered Himself on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, desires that we join Him in His offering, by embracing the sacrifice that comes with forgiving others”. The themes of Suffering and Forgiveness were related to Families with tips to overcome tough times and forgiveness seeks pre-eminence of love and mercy over mere justice and Christian Forgiveness builds up relationship elegantly explained by citing examples of Bl. John Paul II offering forgiveness to Ali Agca and Sr. Selmi tying a Rakhi on the cruel and blood stained of Samunder singh. It was indeed cogitating Homily.
Mrs Shaila D Souza compered the ceremony .