April 5 : Maundy Thursday was observed with great devotion, at Holy Cross Church Cordel on 1st April 2021 at 7pm in Rosary Park grounds with large number of parishioners partaking in the Holy mass. The solemn Eucharistic celebration of Lord’s Supper was concelebrated by V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado, Parish Priest along with Fr Lawrence Cutinha, Fr Shaun Rodrigues, Deacon Ivan D’Souza and Deacon Francis.

On Maundy Thursday we commemorate Jesus’ last supper with his twelve disciples. Three important events are the focus of this day. First, Jesus celebrated the last supper with his Apostles, the day on which Holy Eucharist was instituted. Secondly, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an act of humility and service and commanded to all of us to love one another as He loved us and thirdly, he instituted the ministerial priesthood.

Fr Victor Machado narrated the significance of Maundy Thursday where he upheld the importance of Eucharist. He said Jesus is our fellow traveller in our spiritual journey where we experience his real presence in the Eucharist. He emphasized the love of Jesus which is concretized in humble service of the other.

Following the homily, the feet of 12 chosen parishioners were washed to symbolize the service of love. Soon after the mass, the Holy Eucharist was taken in procession to the ‘Altar of Repose’ which was specially prepared with floral decoration at the side of the altar.

Passion of Christ- Good Friday Service

On account of good Friday, the devotion of Way of the Cross was held at 7.30 am in the passion garden (Pashavansho Molo). It was animated by Rev Fr Lawrence Cutinha, Rev Fr Shaun Rodrigues and Deacon Ivan Dsouza. The parishioners participated in large numbers with utmost devotion.

The evening Good Friday service commenced at 5 pm in Rosary Park ground. The Main celebrant was Rev. Fr Shaun Rodrigues, Assistant parish priest along with V. Rev. Fr Victor Machado, the Parish Priest and Fr Lawrence Cutinha, Assistant parish priest, Deacon Ivan D’Souza and Deacon Francis.

The Good Friday Service comprised of four parts: - Scripture readings and reflection, solemn prayers for various intentions, the unveiling and veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion. The passion of Jesus Christ according to John was devoutly narrated by V. Rev Fr Victor Machado, Rev Fr Shaun Rodrigues, Mr. Lewis Fernandes along with the Choir.

In his Homily Deacon Ivan D’Souza highlighted the significance of Cross and death of Jesus for the salvation of mankind. He enumerated the seven words of Jesus with practical implications. Following the Holy Communion, faithful departed from the church in silence meditating and reflecting on the mystery of Good Friday. The entire Day was spent with silence, fasting and prayer.

Easter Vigil Liturgy at Holy Cross Church, Cordel

The Easter Vigil liturgy commenced on April 3rd 2021 at 7.00 PM at the Holy Cross Church grounds with the presence of a sea of parishioners. Holy Eucharist was concelebrated by Rev. Fr Lawrence Cutinha along with V. Rev. Fr Victor Machado, the Parish Priest and Fr Shaun Rodrigues, Assistant Parish Priest, Deacon Ivan D’Souza and Deacon Francis. The Easter Vigil Service mainly had four parts: The Liturgy of Light; the Liturgy of the Word of God; renewal of baptismal vows and the Holy Eucharist.

The Liturgy of the light was conducted by Rev. Fr Lawrence Cutinha, which concluded with the singing of Exultet (Paschal hymn) by Rev. Fr Victor Machado. The Scripture readings highlighted the salvation history. In his homily, Rev Fr Lawrence Cutinha, threw light on the significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the life of all faithful. He emphasized that we should always have Jesus as the Centre of our Life and Spread his Love for others.

Holy water was blessed and sprinkled on the entire congregation present after renewing their baptismal vows. Fr. Victor Machado thanked everyone and gave his Easter greetings to all the parishioners.

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