May 15 : On 14th May 2021, the Covid Task Force of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Madanthyar led by the Parish Priest Fr Basil Vas came together and decided to help all the poor families of the parish, who are struggling to find daily ration. The team arranged 66 food kits, each costing around Rs 1000. In order to make the process smooth and to avoid the crowd and maintain social distancing, the ward gurkars came forward and delivered the food kits personally to the parishioners.

Due to COVID and lockdown life has been difficult to various parishioners. In order to respond to the needs of the parishioners especially during lockdown,  Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Madanthyar has created a COVID Task Force. The main objective of this team is to help out to those in need during this lockdown.

Members of this team:

1. Fr Basil Vas (Parish Priest)
2. Fr Jerome Dsouza (Principal)
3. Fr Steevan Coutinho (Assistant PP)
4. Mr Leo Rodrigues (Vice President)
5. Mr Jerald Moras (Secretary)
6. Mr Vivek Vincent Pais (Coordinator)
7. Mr Nelson Lasrado (Catholic Sabha)
8. Mr Cyril Sequeira (SVP)
9. Mr Swebert Dsouza (I.C.Y.M)
10. Mr Ronson Viegas (Sacred Heart Arrangers)
11. 22 Ward Gurkars

Service to be done by this team:

1. Contact all the family members of all the wards and inquire about their needs.
2. If any family is struggling to have everyday meal, arrange food kits for them.
3. Delivering the daily ration to those who cannot travel to the market.
4. Arrange medicines for any sick members in the wards.
5. If anyone wants to travel to hospital due to certain illness or medical checkup, arrange for transportation.
6. Keep in touch with Diocesan COVID Task Force and arrange for medical and other needs for the poor families.
7. Contact and utilize the services of the resource persons available in the Parish.

Responsibility of Parishioners:

Contact COVID Task Force:
a. If there is difficulty in finding daily meal. (Food Shortage)
b. If there is no one to get daily ration to the house.
c. If anyone is in need of medical attention.
d. If anyone needs any prescribed medicine.

Follow these instructions to stay away from COVID:

1. Do not move out unnecessarily. Stay away from friends and relatives physically for some time.
2. If anyone returns home from market or other places, kindly take hot water steam, sanitize your hands.
3. Keep Paracetamol tablets like Dolo-650 at home.
4. Always drink hot water.
5. Take utmost care to stay away from any other sickness which reduces your immunity level like cold, cough, fever etc.

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