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I thank all the Parish Priests and the Chaplains to have organized well the Mission Sunday on 16 October. This has been a strong reminder to our people to pray for the missions and make sacrifices by contributing generously towards mission activities of the church. A very few priests ask how this money is spent. The money collected for the missions is sent to the National Director of Pontifical Mission Society in Bangalore. He in turn sends the money to the Holy See which disposes the money according to the need of the missions. When churches, priests’ residences, schools, institutions are being built, we too had made an application to the Holy See to help our projects. Almost all our applications have been responded favourably by giving us some contribution for our works. In fact we have received more than we have contributed to the Holy See.

There have been a publication in the media that this money is spent for converting people and Mission Sunday is considered as a Conversion Sunday. We are sorry for the publisher disseminating wrong ideas and misleading the vulnerable. We know the teachings of the Church of spreading the good news to all people as per the mandate of our Lord. We have a fundamental right to practice and propagate our religion which is enshrined in the Indian Constitution. To complement this work we do carry on the humanizing works through various activities for the people specially in the mission countries. The Church in Mangalore has been actively involved in the spread of the Gospel both among the baptised and non-baptised. Our missionaries have spent themselves in places wherever they landed in and out of India. At present we have the Same mission. Let us continue to pray for the mission work and evangelisation. Let us not be taken up by gossip against the missionary activities of the Church.

I will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee of my Priesthood on 3 December. I will be offering a thanksgiving mass at the Cathedral on that day at 9 a.m. I cordially invite every one of you to join me in the Mass. While thanking the Lord for the good health and perseverance in my vocation as a priest and later as a Bishop for the past 50 years, I am grateful to all the priests, religious and the lay faithful of this Diocese for their wonderful cooperation and prayers. I wish to have this celebration in a modest manner excluding external pomp and grandeur. Please consider this as my personal invitation to all of you. After the mass the refreshments will be served.

Our Diocesan Shrine at Mudipu will celebrate the Annual Feast on 1, 2 and 3 December. The announcement in the Raknno and Internos is already done. Please announce this to your faithful and encourage them to attend the feast in any one of the day. St Juze Vas had been a missionary to our Diocese and he served in this Diocese for 4 years. Surely he remembers us before God. Let us honour him and pray for his assistance.

I wish you a Happy Feast of All the Saints and Rajyothsava Day of Karnataka.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore


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