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We have a new Bishop in the person of Msgr Peter Paul Saldanha who will be ordained Bishop on 15 September 2018. It is an event in the life of the Church of Mangalore besides being the historical event in the life of the Diocese. He is the 14th Bishop to this diocese. The erstwhile all Bishops went to eternal reward in harness; whereas God blessed me to retire 2 years after superannuation. In one word I express my deepest gratitude from my heart to everyone in this diocese and all people of goodwill. I request you and pray God for your full cooperation to the new Bishop in the pastoral ministry in our Diocese. May he have the fullest cooperation from the clergy, religious and laity. Let us pray for him.

As we have started the Novena of the Nativity of Infant Mary, this feast as several connotations and it attracts all children and their parents. Nine days and feast day we venerate Infant Mary. Every year these nine days are a feast to children and it is very colourful. Many parents want to contribute to distribute sweets to the children and all who attend the Novena. This new custom has already permeated in all the parishes of our diocese.

This is a feast of the family. The family members all gather to have a common meal with the blessed corn and with varieties of vegetables. This is also a harvest feast wherein people thank God for all the blessings they have received during the year of cultivation. The first fruits of their hard work and manual labour are offered to God.

The family gathering and a union of all the members is to be given a first place for the feast day. All members of the same family though they are living separate come to the parental house and they reiterate their family bond. Special prayers are offered 201 01–09–2018 Inter Nos to Mother Mary before the meals; all the absenting members
are remembered; all the departed members of the family are prayed for eternal rest. In order to receive the blessed corn, the home is kept neat and tidy; the candles are lit at the altar. During the meals, the eldest of the family will distribute the new corn mixed in the milk or sweet liquid.

All those age old customs have a good meaning which finally touches the family life. I wish that this is continued and the family bonds are strengthened.

On September 8, the Church in India celebrates the ‘Day of Girl Child’. Day by day the attitude of people to resort into destroying the female foetus while in the womb. It appears that the girl is a burden to the family as it grows. The church in India knowing the situation prevailing in this country has chosen this day of the birth of Mary as the day of girl child. The pastors are earnestly requested to speak about the girl child to the faithful. We have the obligation before God to save every human being right from its conception. Due to the foeticide, already we experienced the imbalance between female and male sex. Female has equal right as male to live. Let us make much
of the importance of girl child in our family and in society at large.

This being my last message as the Apostolic Administrator of this diocese, I thank the editors of Internos for the service they have rendered in bringing out the Internos on time. May God bless them. Please pray for me, so that I may spend my days continuing pastoral service with earnestness and dedication wherever I will be.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Apostolic Administrator





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