A great epoch making even has taken place in our Diocese. It is really a happy event for all of us. The Holy Father Pope Francis announced to the world that the Diocese of Mangalore in India has a new Bishop in the person of Msgr Peter Paul Saldanha, Professor in Urbaniana College, Rome, and of the clergy of the Diocese of Mangalore on 3 July 2018 at 3.30 p.m. The news were solemnly announced by me. He said that in the Apostolic communication, it is stated that until the new Bishop takes possession of the Diocese, the present Bishop continues as the Apostolic Administrator. We congratulate and felicitate the Bishop elect and pray that he may shepherd the Diocese in the likeness of Jesus Christ, the Great Shepherd of humanity. These news were communicated on the same day and the same hour in the presence of the members of the College of Consultors and priests and the lay faithful. These joyful news were added glamour and grandeur by the ringing of the church bells at Codialbail and all the churches in and around the city. May our Bishop elect live long and have a fulfillment of being a good shepherd.

The Episcopal Ordination will take place on September 15, at Rosario Cathedral grounds. The details will be made known later.

On 15 August we will celebrate the Independence Day and the Assumption feast. Let us pray to Mother Mary to intercede for our country. May all live unitedly in peace and let this country grow in prosperity so that every tear from every eye is wiped out in the days to come. It is not only that we enjoy the political freedom but we need to enjoy our Religious freedom and in many other areas of life. May God grant us that freedom.

Towards the end of this month we will begin the Novena for the Nativity of our Mother Mary. Every year new features are added in the Novena in the parishes. Please encourage all children to participate in the Novena with their parents and their siblings. This will be a grand preparation for the Monti Feast as well as to introduce our children in faith and devotion.

Priests had participated in their retreat of I batch. All the rest are expected to join the II batch in December. I thank the priests who had attended this retreat and also I thank the preacher Most Rev. Dr Lawrence of Belthangady Diocese and his team. I thank the Director, Pastoral Institute and his collaborators who had made all arrangements for the retreat. We appreciate his kind gesture and hard labour.

On 13-7-2018, the former members of the DPP, Senate and some lay leaders had a meeting in Pastoral Institute from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The agenda for the meeting was about the political scenario of India and our role as Christians. Fr Veeresh Moras of Shimoga and Bishop Francis Serrao of Shimoga Diocese were the speakers. Fr Veeresh Moras explained in detail the present political and religious situation in India. We have to understand our status at this moment. There will be a Lok Sabha election in 2019 and we should be prepared for it. We should sensitize our people and join with all the communities to build up human communities in the neighbourhood. We should build up a friendly relationship with all the people. After his talk there was a group discussion and a reporting session. Bishop Francis moderated it and gave the final touches. He said that we have to teach right from the primary school to college the preamble and fundamental rights given in the Constitution of India. This has been the direction of the CBCI and booklets have been printed to make use of them in teaching the subject. We have succeeded in building up Parish Christian communities. So it is the time that we human build communities irrespective of caste, creed and religion. For this purpose a team of 15 volunteers came forward who will be further trained to carry on the plan we have for the future. Bishop said that he will be all ready to train this team.

The former Secretary-DPP and the Bishop-elect thanked Fr Veeresh Moras and the Bishop for their valuable time spent to speak to us and their willingness to help us in training the 15 members group.

I invoke God’s blessings upon you and request you to pray for me.

+ Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Apostolic Administator

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