On 12 August we will celebrate the Prison Ministry India. The CBCI organized this ministry. It works for the prisoners in India. There are several volunteers in our Diocese, especially Carmelite priests, sisters and lay faithful who render their services to the prisoners who are in the prisons for several years. We will pray for them in a special manner on 12 August 2018. The volunteers have been regularly visiting the prisons under the leadership-of the Diocesan Co-ordinator Rev. Prakash D’Cunha OCD for this ministry. Our desire is that when prisoners come out of the prison they should live joyfully a spiritual, moral, social and financial life in a better way and become better citizens of India. In order to achieve this we have to render our services in the likeness of the Good Shepherd. Jesus the Good Shepherd lived for us and not for any earthly gain. Jesus gave His life manifesto saying that He has come to give relief to those in prison. When we do this ministry let us do it as the ministers of Jesus.

Many of us do not know the plight of those prisoners. Our volunteers visit the prisons irrespective of religion and listen to their sufferings and help them to get relief from the prison. We need your prayer and also financial support from the people of goodwill. We need to help them in many ways. Whatever comes as a donation will be forwarded to PMI, Mangalore/Bangalore. Rev. Fr Sebastian Vadakumpadan is the National Coordinator of PMI. I request you to explain to the faithful about this important apostolate being done in our Diocese and all over India.

The Prison Ministry India is one of the organizations under CBCI. On 12 August will be dedicated to Prison Ministry. The message is “You Are Not Alone”. 4,19,623 prisoners are held inside 1401 prisons of India. The church wants to enlighten us about the isolation and loneliness they suffer. We need many volunteers to minister to our brothers and sisters in prisons. It is our obligation to help them to receive justice in the hands of the judiciary. First and foremost let us pray for the people whosuffer in the prisons. We priests are the pastors. We are also brothers of those who suffer in prisons. We take Mother Mary as the model who rushed to her cousin Elizabeth to assist her in her need. Let every parent/child/sibling/friend or co-workers know the effects of the punishment of those in prison. Let their family know that they are not alone. We, the church family is here to walk with them and support them. May the patron saint of Prison Ministry India St Maxmilan Kolbe guide us. Please sensitize various associations of your parish to understand the plight of 4,19,623 prisoners inside the prisons in India.

Please announce to the faithful well in advance about the Prison Ministry India Day on 12 August 2018. Those who would like to have the liturgy of the Prison Ministry India is given below.

I heartily thank you for your prayers and good wishes on my birth and feast day on 21 June. Several of you have sent me greetings. I gratefully acknowledge them. I do pray for you and I request you to pray for me.

I am happy that the Director and his team of Mangala Jyothi has made all arrangements for the catechism for our children during this academic year. He has already trained the teachers who render their kind services in teaching catechism, a lot of sacrifices are put in by Catechism teachers. We thank them and pray for God’s blessings.
Please make the catechism compulsory to the children from Std I to XII. The XI and XII as you know will have a syllabus by the YCS. This is the only occasion that we get for our children to have catechism on Sundays and in schools if they attend catholic schools. Please make use of all teaching aids available at Mangala Jyothi. A lot of hard work has gone in for the preparation of teaching aids, books etc. We appreciate very much the good work our catechetical centre is doing. I wish you success in he catechism ministry. May God bless you and may Mother Mary intercede for you.

+ Aloysius Paul D'Souza
Bishop of Mangalore