The month of May is dedicated to Mother Mary.  During this month we hold various devotions to honour her and implore her blessings upon us.  Every parish holds May devotion either in the morning or in the evening before the statue or grotto of Our Lady by reciting the Rosary.  The children are strongly recommended by the Parish Priests to attend these prayer meetings.  I request all the parish priests and the Chaplains to have May devotion and pray for a good government to our state.

Soon we are going to have the elections to the assembly on 12 May.  As you have been amply exhorted by our lay leaders and priests and religious, please go to the booth to cast your vote early in the morning.  The volunteers who are monitoring the votes cast from various wards may contact those who have not cast the vote in the morning.  Please cooperate and insist upon our people of their sacred right to participate in the elections.  You have received the sermon notes in which all the details are given regarding the elections.  Let us continue to pray that a government which safeguards every ones rights might come to power.

This is the month when the results of the students come.  They are going to make a choice of their future.  Since you often speak about vocations to priesthood and religious life some of your parishioners may show interest to respond to church vocations.  While you recommend boys and girls to different congregations and dioceses please don’t forget to send some good boys to our diocese and religious working in our diocese.  Please include this intention in the May devotion so that our prayers are heard by the Lord of the Harvest.

In our diocese all the children are expected to study at least upto Sd. XII or its equivalent, but even further.  If any child is unable due to poverty to continue the studies, the whole parish should come forward to help such children. I know in many parishes both medical aid and education aid fund are established. Some have endowment fund and in some cases, the interest of it has not been disbursed.  The Vicar General in his observations in the annual returns has already bought it to your notice.  Please spend the money for the purpose it is earmarked.

This is also the season of marriages. I believe that the parish priests are taking keen interest in the preparation for the marriage of your parishioners.  We have been giving you every year the statistics of the marriage tribunal.  Hurriedly married couples have ended up with problems.  There had been not sufficient knowledge and information given to the marriageables and their families.  There is lot of scam of brokerage is going on while getting the brides from North Karnataka and elsewhere.  Instead of approaching the brokers, please inform the parishioners to contact parish priests in those places.  In our Dioceses “marriage beaureu” is established to help find partners.  Please direct the young people to take help.  The church has been speaking about the family life in and out of season.  Let us give our service to the utmost to create a good and stable family.  May the Holy Family of Nazareth pray for us.  Mother Mary the May Queen bless all our families and specially the marriageables.  May God bless you and keep you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore


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