We are in the Holy season of lent. On the following day of the Ash Wednesday a mega retreat was organized in Milagres grounds. Thousands of people attended the retreat. It had been very convenient for the working class to join the retreat sessions on their return from the jobs. I congratulate the parish priest of Milagres and all those who cooperated with him. I wish that other parishes also would think of organizing a Lenten retreat to help our faithful of their parish to increase their spiritual aspect of their life. During this season many acts of penetence and penance are undertaken by the faithful, clergy and the religious. I pray for you.

On 22 March, we will have the mass of the Chrism at our Cathedral at 5 p.m. All the Fathers both diocesan and religious will gather at 3 p.m. for a recollection which is followed by adoration and confessions. Before the mass we will thank and greet the Rev. Fathers who would be completing 75 birthday in the coming months and also the jubilarians whose date of ordination or superannuation would be in between the Easter 2018 and Easter 2019. Fathers will please take note of this and be present for a brief felicitation programme.

I request that all priests to concelebrate the mass of the Chrism which we hold, as a day of priests. Please go through the liturgical notes from pages 92 to 102 of our Ordo. If you go through the instructions carefully you will know exactly what is required to be followed during the Holy Week. Please don’t conduct the funeral rites in case someone dies. If a funeral were to take place, don’t toll the bells and no funeral mass until Easter Noon. In case a burial is needed on Good Friday or Holy Saturday, the prayers are to be recited without singing. Please ask the parishioners not to organise band for the funeral during the above days. These are the queries come to us at the last minute to answer the parties. You will maintain all 3 stages of the liturgy of the departed.

As I have already requested you earlier, please cooperate in the Lenten campaign. Please distribute the coupon books for the Lenten saving. Your generous contribution will help us to help the poor to repair their houses.

Before the next issue of Internos, we will be celebrating the Easter Sunday on 1 April. I wish you a Happy Easter and pray for you that God may give you new strength and vigour to work for the Kingdom of God. In anticipation I thank you for all your efforts during the Lenten season to deepen the faith and improve the prayer life of the faithful. Being in the year of the Rosary I appeal to you to find ways and means to enhance the love for Rosary which is a family prayer for us.

The month of March is dedicated to St Joseph, the Patron of our Diocese. He has looked after this Diocese during so many years. Several churches and institutions are dedicated to him. Among them, St Joseph Inter-Diocesan Seminary, Jeppu. Let us pray specially for this institution that our future priests may be moulded and taken care of by St Joseph as he did to Jesus. I wish a Happy Feast to all who are under the patronage of St Joseph. During this month please pray specially for St
Joseph’s Industrial workshop and the apostolate done there. We are all aware that we are facing a lot of difficulties these days. Let us pray to St Joseph that he bless our efforts to restore peace. There are very many good people who pray for the resolution of the problem. Please join us in praying for the St Joseph’s workshops. Please pray for me. May God bless you. Happy Easter to you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore