We have celebrated the birth of Jesus. In the city of Mangalore as well as the parishes, there were lot of external celebrations making known to the people at large that Christians are celebrating the Christmas – birth of Jesus. I had given you a call to have lot of festivities around the church, in the wards and to have decorations. You have taken lot of efforts to share your joy with others. In many parishes, there was a Christmas gathering of people of different faiths. Our whole motive is to bring about peace, harmony and mutual trust. We need to pray daily for peace among people of different communities.

We have begun the New Year 2018. At the outset I wish you a Happy New Year. May Jesus give you now and always, His peace in your soul, His presence in your heart and His power in your life. May all old bitter things vanish from us and let our hearts, voices and works be renewed and refreshed (Nova sunt omnia)

On 7 January 2018, is the Diocesan Annual Eucharistic procession. As I had several times spoken to you and also written in the issue of Internos, I once again appeal to you to exhort your faithful to attend the procession in big numbers. As in the past, parking arrangement for vehicles is made at St Ann’s Convent campus and St Ursula Convent campus. The Vicar General has informed the Episcopal and City deanery parishes about the involvement of the volunteers for the procession. Please gather your volunteers and give them suitable instructions regarding the conduct of the procession. In every junction there will be one or two priests who will direct them to make room for the people to cross through the procession. Let not the volunteers decide. There will be a public address system singing hymns during the procession. I request your choirs in different places as assigned by the M.C. of Milagres to take positions and join the same hymns.

Before the end of the ceremony I will declare the year 2018 as the year of Rosary to mark the event of 450 years of Christian presence in the Diocese of Mangalore. The first Chapel was built in the jurisdiction of Rosario Cathedral parish.

The trophies for the Mission Sunday highest collection will be distributed to the top 3 parishes. I have issued a pastoral letter on family taking inspiration from the documents and teachings of our Pope Francis on family. Please read it to your faithful. This is to be done in all the Churches and Chapels of our Diocese.

I wish a Happy New Year to all the faithful who are within the Diocese and outside the Diocese. I am grateful to you for your involvement in making Christmas grand and giving witness to non-Christians. Thank you.

May God bless you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore