I thank all the Parish Priests and the chaplains to have organized well the Mission Sunday on 22 October 2017. Please tell clearly to the people that this amount is sent to the Pontifical Association. Often the people make their interpretations due to lack of correct information on any issue. This amount is not sent to the Same Mission. For that there is a separate Sunday collection; on November 26.

I will be completing 51 years as a priest on 3 December. Please pray for me. On 5-12-2017 our Vicar General will be completing 50 years as a priest. Please pray for him.

On 20 October there was a Justice and Peace Workshop on Social teachings of the Church. Number of priests attended the meeting. Fr Stephen Fernandes, a theologian appointed by Vatican teaching in Bombay Seminary conducted the workshop. It was really good and the participants have profited much. On 18 October there were workshops on election campaign in three places. They were well attended by lay faithful. I thank the Diocesan laity commission, Fr J. B. Crasta Parish Priest and Rector of Cathedral, Parish Priests of Kinnigoli and Puttur. Our campaign should be such that every Christian should cast vote during the election. It needs a lot of awareness and we having many associations in the parish will be a big help to the parish priests to enroll every one for general elections as well as teachers and graduates constituencies.

We have given enough publicity for Charismatic Convention on 9, 10, 11, 12 November 2017 at Rosario Cathedral. The organizers have met you personally and provided you with the banners. I once again make a strong appeal to you to exhort your faithful to attend the afternoon sessions in big numbers. In the morning hours, there will be a training seminar to charismatic leaders of our parishes. The Pope had held convention in Rome for leaders from all countries. Here we have a convention for the entire Karnataka Dioceses. The finale is on 12 November and all efforts must be made to send the faithful to attend this closing programme.

Our Holy Father has declared the 33rd Sunday as day of the Poor. It is on 19th of November. Let us all celebrate this Sunday, as the day of the Poor. Our Holy Father has great love for the poor. He desires that we should express this concern with concrete actions. CODP has contacted the parish priests with the concrete plan to support for poor families. I request your support to him.

This year the advent will begin on 3 December. Please read the instructions given in the Ordo regarding the liturgical norms in the advent season. May God bless you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore



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