We have begun the month of June dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. On every Friday we hold the devotion to the Sacred Heart and many devotees attend the mass and receive Holy Communion. The devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on 9 consecutive first Fridays is still dear to the devotees. In some families after the family rosary, they have a habit of reading the meditation of the day of the Sacred Heart. On 23 June we celebrate the solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Parish Priests are requested to remind the faithful, of the feast and exhort them to attend the mass and adoration of the Eucharist in the church. If it is possible specially in the town parishes, the whole day adoration to the Blessed Sacrament in reparation for our sins and that of the world may be conducted. All these devotions will certainly help the faithful to strengthen the faith in God.

I request you to pray for me on my feast cum birthday on 21 June. On that day I shall offer mass in Bejai church at 7 a.m. Priests are most welcome to join me in concelebration and pray for me.

In the month of June, there are many important feasts, such as Pentecost Sunday, Most Holy Trinity Sunday, Feast of St Antony, the Corpus Christi, St Aloysius Gonzaga-my patron, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the feast of St Peter & Paul and St John Baptist. I am aware that you give a homily during the masses of these feasts and explain to the faithful the importance of the days and feasts. When our faithful are properly exhorted they do like to participate in the mysteries with devotion. There is a complaint that the feasts are not announced in the church for the faithful, e.g: Centennial Celebration of Our Lady of Fatima at Thannirbavi. I know some parishes where people were not informed or encouraged to participate in them. Please take note of this.

On 13 May we have celebrated centennial celebration of Fatima apparitions. The programme was jointly held by the Diocese and the Parish Priest and parishioners of Thannirbavi Parish. I congratulate all those who cooperated and participated in the programme. I feel that the message of Fatima is once again renewed in our life as peace was established by the devotion to rosary. The present crisis of family life may be overcome by the family rosary. I thank Rev. Fr Francis D’Souza, diocesan Director and his team for organising it very well. I am grateful to the donors. May Our Lady of Fatima bless every one of you.

On the first Sunday of June, the inauguration of the Catechetical year is held. The Director of Mangala Jyothi has given good plan of action for that day. On that day during the community mass I urge all the Parish Priests and parish clergy to give utmost importance to the catechetical teaching to the school going children. Please make it compulsory to the children from Std I to X and PUC through YCS programme. The catechism that we give is the only formal instructions they get in the church. You may be having the action plan booklet published. When instructions are given from the centre, they are not to be taken as optional but they are to be implemented – in catechetics and in liturgy. I am pleased to see that our priests are keen in discharging their duties. Thank you indeed.

In some parishes, the Parish Priests are getting new appointments. I thank all the Fathers for their cooperation. I wish every one of you, God’s blessings in your new assignment. We are only the instruments in the hands of Jesus. He carries on His mission through us.

The new Diocesan Pastoral Parishad meeting will be held on 22-6-2017.

The list of the members is published both in Internos and Raknno. Similarly the meeting of the Council of Priests will take place on 14-6-2017. During these 2 first meetings the office bearers will be elected and the thrust of the new term will be announced by me. I invoke God’s blessings upon you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
 Bishop of Mangalore


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