Dear Rev. Fathers and Deacons,

By this letter I intend to give you some important information. All of us are aware through newspapers and electronic media, the situation at Cordel Parish regarding the finance management of then Parish Priest Rev. Fr Valerian Pinto.

Through my correspondence to Fr Valerian Pinto, I informed him that disciplinary action could be taken on him. Meanwhile he appealed to the office of the Congregation for Evangelisation for the peoples. The present Parish Priest V. Rev. Fr Victor Machado also had written to the office of the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples. The said office in Rome has written to me that Fr Valerian Pinto has appealed to Rome against the disciplinary measures to which he has been subjected by me.

In this regard the above mentioned mission dicastery consider it important that a peaceful solution is found in order to settle this situation. In order to achieve this, as soon a s possible, the congregation considers it necessary that a good priest of the Diocese of Mangalore will be entrusted the task of finding a solution that is acceptable for both parties.

Until an amicable solution is arrived at through the intervention of Rome, all parties should maintain their calm, composure and restraint from any actions or gossip which would not be in the line of procedure, the Holy See has taken. Instead I appeal to you to pray God for an amicable settlement between the 2 parties so that peace is restored. Anything contrary to my
suggestion would be a counter witness to our mission, to the Christians and non Christians. I once again appeal to all concerned to await the solution intended by the Holy See.

I invoke God’s blessings upon you – the faithful of goodwill. I wish you a prayerful Holy Week and a happy Easter.

 + Aloysius Paul D’Souza
 Bishop of Mangalore


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