We have begun the month of June dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. This solemnity is celebrated on 3 June. These days there is lot of enthusiasm and the re-awakening of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A number of churches and chapels in religious houses have a full day adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. On the following day, 4 June the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated. The first devotion began with the apparition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to St Margaret Mary and the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was popularised after the apparition at Fatima to 3 children. I request the Parish Priests to explain to the people about these devotions.

Many of our parishioners have a special devotion to 9 first Fridays and 5 first Saturdays of the month. The school children are prepared by the school teachers for confession on Thursdays followed by a mass on Friday. Let us inculcate these devotions in the growing children, always giving a catechisis on the same.

As I always mentioned in the past, please take special care of the school and Sunday catechism. Please take books from DBCLC and take assistance from the Director who holds training to the catechism teachers. He will give priority to this amidst his ministry. Please ensure that all the catholic children do attend school upto Std. XII. Whatever financial assistance they need and desire should be made known to them to obtain all the Govt. subsidy and other assistance from the NGOs. Please enquire from them whether they have approached these agencies where assistance is available; I wish that the Parish community and the youth of the parish organise assistance to the children.

This year so far 15 boys have expressed their desire to join the Seminary. Twelve will be received to St Juze Vas Gladsom Home for their PUC education. Three will be joining St. Joseph Seminary. There may be some graduates and those who have completed PUC having a desire to become a Priest. Please encourage them to collect an admission form from the Rector, St Juze Vaz Gladsom Home. I thank our Parish Priests and the Religious who foster vocations to Priesthood and religious life. Let us thank God for vocations to our Diocese, to other missionary dioceses and religious orders and congregations. Let us always keep the children informed about the dedicated life. Though there are boys with much enthusiasm, we do not see it among girls. Our life and example should reflect the Gospel values while we follow Jesus in religious life. This phenomena is a indication to all of us to see our own life whether it is attracting young people to priesthood and religious life. Above all let us pray to the Master of the Vineyard to send more labourers into His Vineyard.

I sincerely thank all, for celebrating my Episcopal Ordination Day in the Cathedral on 15-5-2016. You have taken the trouble to participate in the mass and offer me your greetings and felicitations. I have prayed for you. I will be celebrating the feast day of my patron and 75th Birthday on 21-6-2016. I request you to attend the mass at the Cathedral and pray for me.

I wish the students a new and successful scholastic year. I pray that the parents not only take lot of interest in their academic studies but also both in the Faith and character. May God bless you. May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus keep our families united in His love.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore