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As we begin the month of May our thoughts go to Mother Mary whom we call as May Queen. This month is dedicated to Our Lady with a special devotion to the family rosary. Mother Mary gathers all of us when we recite the family rosary together. Beginning from our religious communities and our rectories and in all families of the parish, the rosary should be recited to invoke the intercession of Mother Mary on families and peace in the families. We have been praying for security, safety, happiness. But above all today we have to pray for families who are under stress and difficulties. The estranged relationship between the couple brings about a disastrous situation in the families. As Mother Mary had been a source and refuge of sinners and the church rushed to Mother Mary in difficult times, we commend the families in stress to the protection of Mother Mary. Please commend your faithful to be ever faithful to the family rosary.

Mother Mary - Our Lady of Fatima appeared on 13 May 1917 at Fatima. We will be beginning the centenary celebration of the apparitions. The church very much recommends us to revive once again our devotion to our Lady to fulfill the request she had made to the whole world through the three children of Fatima. The messages are very much relevant to our times. In our diocese there is a devotion to our Lady of Fatima and the following churches are dedicated to her – Fatima Church Peruvai, Miyapadavu, Thannirbavi and Fatima Retreat House, Jeppu. There should be special devotion in these places. We have a Diocesan Unit of the Fatima Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima. It was started in Milagres Church, Mangalore by late Rev. Fr Charles T.Sequeira. At present Fr Francis D’Souza (Mukthi Prakash) is the Diocesan Director. The inauguration of the
centenary celebration will take place on 29 May at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Fatima Retreat House, Jeppu. I shall offer mass at 5 p.m. at the Shrine. I request you to join the mass.

On 15 May 2016, I will be completing 20 years of being a Bishop of the Diocese of Mangalore. God has in His immense goodness had chosen me to be the Shepherd of the Diocese. I shall offer thanksgiving mass on 15 May 2016 at Our Rosario Cathedral at 10.30a.m. It is my desire that all the Fathers - Diocesan and Religious to join me in this Mass of thanksgiving. Please announce to the people to pray for me during the mass that day. It coincides with the Pentecost Day celebration. While thanking God I have certainly a duty to thank each and every one of you. With your cooperation God enabled me to complete 20 years as a Bishop of this great Diocese of Mangalore. Be assured of my prayers for everyone in this Diocese.

The schools and colleges will begin in June. Please ensure that all the children attend the school and as we had expressed earlier every child in our diocese should have an opportunity for education at least upto Std. XII (II PUC). If the parents are not able to provide this education, the parish should come forward to assist them financially. Our people are generous to put up church, hall, school buildings, monuments in the cemetery etc. It depends on us to motivate them to finance the economically backward children to pursue their studies. Our duty does not rest by giving recommendations for help. Instead let each parish community/ school take up this as a challenge to educate the economically backward ones. Let me also remind you of our decision to give financial support to the third child. Please get information from
the CODP to find out the sources of assistance from the Govt. and other voluntary and N.G.O. agencies.

I am pleased to tell you God has chosen 5 young men whom I have ordained to the order of priesthood. I congratulate them and wish them a fruitful priestly ministry in our diocese.

They are:
1. Fr Rockwin Pinto, Shirtady
2. Fr Roshan D’ Cunha, Puttur
3. Fr Joswin D’Souza, Kollangana
4. Fr Lawrence Cutinha, Mudipu
5. Fr Neelesh Crasta, Sampaje

In the month of May in several parishes I Holy communion will takeplace. I congratulate the little ones, their parents, Priests
and their collaborators. I wish that the catechism to the I communion children be given great attention by the priest/s followed up as they grow.

Before the beginning of June the parishes have to plan for the catechism on Sundays and in the school. The Mangala Jyothi
is organising training to the teachers. I request the Parish Priests to organise the training to the teachers and cooperate with
Mangala Jyothi. Priests please take the books and other material pertaining to the I Communion in May itself. May God bless

+ Aloysius P. D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore

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