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On 3 January 2016, the Diocesan Eucharistic procession took place from Milagres Church to our Cathedral. The entire ceremony was organised and conducted well. Several priests concelebrated the mass at Milagres and a big gathering of religious and the faithful participated in the mass. Hundreds of volunteers assisted in the procession. The van that carried the Eucharist was elegantly decorated. There was full cooperation from the Mangalore City Corporation and the police department. I am deeply grateful to all of you for your cooperation and hard work to make it a success. We thank in a special manner Parish Priests of Milagres and Cathedral. Let us pray to the Eucharistic Lord to keep us united and give us the necessary graces to celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy as it is desired by our Pope.

I request the Vicars vara and the Parish Priests to set up conciliatory body at the varado and parish level. In the Internos January 2016, the instructions are given to form the varado body. Apart from this many other suggestions have been given to you to hold various programmes in this Jubilee of Mercy. Kindly go through the instructions given by Mangala Jyothi to this Jubilee of Mercy to make it fruitful.

We will begin the lenten season with Ash Wednesday on 10 February 2016. It is a day of fast and abstinence. Please bring this information to the parishioners. I request all of you to organise well the lenten spiritual activities. All the priests in the diocese are expected to be in their respective places/parishes to render lenten services to the faithful. Of late there is a lot of awakening in spiritual sphere among the faithful during lent. I hope every opportunity is made use of to deepen faith and make our life more authentic. This year the lenten sacrifices campaign will be used to support people in building houses.

On 6 February 2016, the celebration of the annual feast of St. John Paul II will take place at the Shrine at Bajpe. This feast will be preceded by triduum on 3,4 and 5 of February at 9.30 a.m and 5.30 p.m. On 6 February I shall celebrate the solemn high mass at 10 a.m. Please announce it to the people. There is chaplaincy services with a chaplain at the shrine daily. Every day pilgrims are visiting the shrine. More and more facilities are provided to the pilgrims at the shrine by the Parish Priest of Bajpe. Parishes may organise pilgrimages to this shrine during the year as part of Jubilee of Mercy.

On 15 January, on the feast of St Zuze Vas at the Shrine I had announced that Mudipu is declared as a Diocesan Shrine. This is one of the places of pilgrimage during this Jubilee of Mercy. On the request of Vicar Vara of Southern deanery, I have assigned Bela Church also as the pilgrimage centre for this year of Mercy.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore


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