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I am happy to greet you a Happy New Year and the blessings of Blessed Mary, Mother of God. We begin the year by venerating Mother Mary who is the source of all blessings to us and to the entire universe. As the Mother, she prays for us, her children to live in peace, happiness and prosperity.

On 3 January, we will be holding the Annual Eucharistic Procession from Milagres to Rosario Church. This year the Mass will begin at 3.30 p.m. Please announce to the people to participate in the procession in big numbers. Please send your choirs and the altar boys for the procession during the Jubilee of Mercy, one of the important devotions is to visit the Churches & shrines and gain a plenary indulgence. I wish to announce to you the following Churches & shines for pilgrimage - 1) Rosario Cathedral, 2) The Holy Redeemer Church, Belthangady, 3) Mai De Deus Church, Puttur, 4) St Antony Shrine - Poor Homes, Jeppu, 5) Pompei Shrine, Urwa, 6) St Jude’s Shrine, Pakshikere, 7) St Ann’s Friary Chapel, Bejai, 8) Divine Mercy Chapel - Fatima Retreat House, Jeppu, 9) Infant Jesus Shrine, Carmel Hill, Bikkarnakatte, and 10) St John Paul II Shrine, Bajpe.

Pilgrimages are to be organised and the centres should have facilities of a Priest attending to the pilgrims throughout the day for prayer service, adoration, confession, blessing and mass. It should not be considered as a mere sight seeing visit but a pilgrimage to a holy place to refresh ones spiritual life. The shrine should procure more confessors if the group is big. The responsibility of the shrines is to provide necessary conditions and facilities to make the pilgrimage a comfortable one. The pilgrimage centre should help the pilgrims to reap the maximum of spiritual enrichment in this Jubilee of Mercy. A prayer card is already sent to all parishes of our Diocese. Let it be recited in all Churches and families in our Diocese. Let us pray earnestly during this Jubilee of Mercy for an abundance of mercy on us from God our Father for our sins for not been merciful to others. Let us pray for grace to show mercy to others, to accept our brothers and sisters unmindful of their short comings and sins against us. Let us try to go beyond the scope of justice and retribution, and open the doors of our hearts and our feelings to overlook whichever we have taken into account about others. Our only desire is that the abundance of mercy of God our Father flows to us and from us to our neighbours. Let this Jubilee of Mercy be a year of amnesty to all as it is described in the book of Leviticus (Ch: 25:10).

It has been decided in the senate to constitute a reconciliation committee at every deanery. The dean should have 3 Parish Priests, 3 Religious/Sisters and 3 lay people to be nominated from the deanery. Please see to it that there is only one member from a parish – either Priest, religious or lay. If the parishes are less than 9, they should limit the members according to the number of parishes. The nomination of lay members will be done by the Dean in consultation with the Priests at the deanery meeting. The Dean shall preside over the meeting. One of the members should be a Secretary to record the proceedings. This committee is to receive the grievances and offer solutions and bring about reconciliation and charity among the complainants. If all of us were to show concern and interest
in this important area of our apostolate, we have achieved much in this Jubilee of mercy.

The Director of Mangala Jyothi will keep you informed about the Jubilee indulgences and any references from the Documents pertaining to the Jubilee of mercy.

Let us pray earnestly to Mother Mary who is our Mother of Mercy to obtain for us the grace from her son to be merciful to others.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop of Mangalore

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