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I am happy to know that the Catechism year was inaugurated in all Parishes on 7 June 2015. All students from Std. I to XII should attend the catechism class regularly.
There could be defaulters in attending the catechism classes. It is necessary that the Parish clergy and the religious visit the homes of such students. Mere publication in the church may not get desired result. In the context of today, catechism plays an important role. If any child loses catechism, there are no possibilities of imparting catechism to such children later on. I would consider the teaching of catechism is more important ministry on the part of the clergy and religious than anything else.

On 16 July 2015 the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be celebrated. This feast is popular among the faithful of coastal dioceses. This devotion has become a part and parcel of Christian devotion to Mother Mary. The Carmelite missionaries had introduced and fostered this devotion wherever they served. Today every child at the time of First Holy Communion gets a scapular and rosary. Every year on the feast of Mount Carmel, some parishes give scapulars to the faithful and speak of the importance of scapular devotion. The Carmelites supply scapulars free of cost, so also Gerosa Company, Milagres, Mangalore. This devotion inculcates the love for Mother Mary in our life. In the families there is a practice of reciting the Chaplet of Our Lady of Carmel. By these means an extension of the spirituality of the Carmelites is fostered among the faithful. The message of this devotion is to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus and to pray and make penance for our sins and sins of the world. The penance is not for its own sake but to increase in us spirit of charity towards the unfortunate    ones.

I thank you for your prayers and greetings on my feast and birthday on 21 June 2015. I am grateful to the parents of the boys and girls who have joined the seminary and religious communities. Our effort to promote vocations should be continued throughout the year. In our state, the diocese like Gulbarga, Shimoga, Ballary, Udupi and Mangalore need vocations apart from several religious congregations. Besides we have an obligation to send missionaries to other Dioceses in India. While thanking the Lord for giving us vocations, I thank specially the Parish Priests and religious for their efforts to inculcate the desire
in the young minds. Let us promote vocations by our own edifying life.

Three years back on 16 July 2012, the diocese of Udupi was erected. We offer our greetings and good wishes to the Bishop and their entire diocese on this anniversary. May the Diocese of Udupi prosper.

I place before you some of the sentiments and observations of the laity in our diocese. Before initiating any new project or works in the parish, please refer and seek advice from the Bishop. After you have the permission from the Bishop, let the project or works be kept before the Parish assembly / Parish Pastoral Parishad and Finance committee.   Let the people    have a say in all these works. The cash book has to be signed at the end of every month by the Parish Priest and Vice President. Before signing, let him go through all the bills, vouchers and receipts. Please ensure transparency and impeccable accountability, in order to uphold the highest traditions of the church exemplified by Pope Francis. Let the finance committee go through the accounts periodically. The education institutions either under a trust or under Parish Priest should follow the same procedures. The trustees of the education trust should scrutinise and pass the accounts. Where there is a Promotion of Education Account, the committee which I have constituted should do the similar exercise (Refer Internos of September 2013 Page 183). Keep open the accounts to all the members of the committee. When often repeated, admonitions by me are neglected, there could be scope for misunderstanding, doubts and confusion in the minds of the people. The minutes of finance committee should be sent to the Bishop for approval. Some parishes are not sending them to me. If it was sent timely, I would have given the guidance and when complaints come to me I would have clarified many a doubt in the minds of people. Since monies belong to the parish or institution, we are only the stewards and trustees. I strongly recommend to you to be very careful in initiating and carrying on the projects in the parish or institutions. Please follow the procedure laid down in the Constitution of Parish Pastoral   Parishad.

I thank you for the cooperation and your continuous prayer for me and the diocese.     May God Bless you.

+ Aloysius Paul D’Souza
Bishop  of Mangalore

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