Native: Bajpe
Father: Paul Pinto
Mother: Molly Pinto
Date of Birth: 1 July 1975
Date of Ordination: 21 April 2005
email id:
mobile: 9449729145


No Year Designation Place
01 2005 - 2007 Assistant Parish Priest Valencia
02 2007 - 2008 Assistant Parish Priest Shirva
03 2008 - 2009 Assistant Parish Priest Manipal, Udupi
04 2010 - Parish Priest Ajekar
  2015 - 2016    Naravi School
  2016 -   Bantwal
Rev. Kenneth Rayner Crasta
Rev. Kiran Maxim Pinto
Rev. Lawrence Gomes
Rev. Lawrence J.C Martis
Rev. Lawrence Mascarenhas
Rev. Lawrence Maxim Noronha
Rev. Lawrence Mendonca
Rev. Lawrence R. D'Souza
Rev. Leo Veigas
Rev. Leo William Lobo
Rev. Marcel Saldanha
Rev. Marian Pinto
Rev. Mark Castelino
Rev. Mark D'Sa
Rev. Mark Valder
Rev. Mathew Vas
Rev. Mathias Perreira
Rev. Maurice F. D'Souza
Rev. Maxim E. Furtado
Rev. Maxim Gerald Rosario
Rev. Maxim S. D'Souza
Rev. Maxy M D'Souza
Rev. Melwin John D'Souza
Rev. Melwin Lobo
Rev. Melwyn D'Souza
Rev. Melwyn Noronha
Rev. Michael L. Santhumayur
Rev. Michael Marcel D'Silva
Rev. Michael Mascarenhas
Rev. Michael Valerian Lobo
Rev. Naveen Pinto
Rev. Naveen Prakash D'Souza
Rev. Naveen Prakash Pinto
Rev. Nelson Dheeraj Pais
Rev. Nelson Olivera
Rev. Nelson Prakash D'Almeida
Rev. Norbert D'Souza
Rev. Norbert Fernandes
Rev. Norbert Lobo
Rev. Onil D'Souza
Rev. Oswald Lasrado
Rev. Oswald Monteiro
Rev. Patrick Rodrigues
Rev. Patrick Sequeira
Rev. Paul Crasta
Rev. Paul D'Souza
Rev. Paul Pinto
Rev. Paul Prakash D'Souza
Rev. Paul Sebastian D'Souza
Rev. Peter Aranha
Rev. Peter D'Souza
Rev. Peter Fernandes
Rev. Peter Gonsalves
Rev. Peter Paul Saldanha
Rev. Peter Salvadore Noronha
Rev. Peter Serrao
Rev. Pius Fidelis Pinto
Rev. Prakash Cutinha
Rev. Praveen Joy Saldanha
Rev. Praveen Leo Lasrado
Rev. Praveen Robert D'Souza
Rev. R.C.M Aranha
Rev. Rahul Dexter D’souza
Rev. Rajesh Melwyn Rosario
Rev. Remi Austin Fernandes
Rev. Richard Alosius Coelho
Rev. Richard D'Souza
Rev. Richard Lasrado
Rev. Richard Saldanha
Rev. Rithesh A.L Rodrigues
Rev. Robert Crasta
Rev. Robert D'Souza
Rev. Rocky Fernandes
Rev. Rohan Lobo
Rev. Rohit D'Costa
Rev. Ronald A. Serrao
Rev. Ronald Cutinha
Rev. Ronald E.L. D'Souza
Rev. Ronald Lobo
Rev. Ronald Pinto
Rev. Ronald Prakash D'Souza
Rev. Roque Victor D'Sa
Rev. Roshan Crasta
Rev. Roshan D'Souza
Rev. Rudolph Ravi D'Sa
Rev. Rupesh Ashok Madtha
Rev. Santhosh D'Souza
Rev. Santhosh DSouza
Rev. Santhosh Lobo
Rev. Santhosh Menezes
Rev. Santhosh S Rodrigues
Rev. Simon D'Souza
Rev. Stanislaus R. Pereira
Rev. Stanislaus Rodrigues
Rev. Stany C. Fernandes
Rev. Stany Fernandes
Rev. Stany Goveas
Rev. Stany Lobo
Rev. Stany Montheiro
Rev. Stany Pereira
Rev. Stephan D'Souza (Sr)
Rev. Sunil George D'Souza
Rev. Sunil Joseph Veigas
Rev. Sunil Kumar D'Souza
Rev. Sunil Praveen Pinto
Rev. Sylvester D'Costa
Rev. Sylvester Vincent Lobo
Rev. Thomas Roshan D'Souza
Rev. Valerian D'Souza
Rev. Valerian Frank
Rev. Valerian Lewis
Rev. Valerian M. D'Souza
Rev. Valerian M. Menezes
Rev. Valerian Pinto
Rev. Valerian Rodrigues
Rev. Valerian S. D'Souza
Rev. Vernon Vaz
Rev. Victor A. Pinto
Rev. Victor D'Souza
Rev. Victor D'Souza (Sr)
Rev. Victor George D'Souza
Rev. Victor Gerald D'Souza
Rev. Victor Machado
Rev. Victor Machado (Jr)
Rev. Victor Vijay Lobo
Rev. Vijay Kumar Machado
Rev. Vijay Lobo
Rev. Vincent Anil Menezes
Rev. Vincent D'Souza (JJr)
Rev. Vincent D'Souza (Jr)
Rev. Vincent D'Souza (sr)
Rev. Vincent F Monteiro
Rev. Vincent Robert Crasta
Rev. Vincent V. Menezes
Rev. Vincent Vinod Saldanha
Rev. Vinod Lobo
Rev. Vishal Melwin Monis
Rev. Walter D'Mello
Rev. Walter D'Souza
Rev. Wilfred Gonsalves
Rev. Wilfred Prakash D'Souza
Rev. William A. Fernandes
Rev. William Barboza
Rev. William Gonsalves
Rev. William Menezes
Rev. Wilson L. Vitus D'Souza

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