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Milagres - Mangalore, March 25 :  Women’s day was celebrated at Milagres parish on 24th March 2019 . Program was organised by family welfare committee of Milagres parish. Program began with holy mass at 7 am at Milagres Church. Large number of devotees participated in the holy mass. In his sermon Parish Priest Rev Fr Valerian DSouza said “woman is the true blessing of our community. They are the true faces of love, they take a major share and role in spreading this love with family members. This love helped our family to bind in unity. Church witnessed many times true love of women. Today we address the community as mother church, it is the respect we give to women in the church, it’s because this kind of love only a mother can give to her children.”

Program was inaugurated by releasing the balloons to the air. Hundreds of parish women participated , released the balloons and inaugurated the event.

Short stage program was organised at college auditorium at 4 pm. Sr Celestine Dmello member of the family welfare committee welcomed the gathering. Program began with prayer song sung by Milagres Choir and a welcome dance.

Addressing the gathering resource person of the day Mr David Pais said it is very critical that women should understand their rights in the society. Government has given equal rights to woman to live in the society. It is important we should make use of this. Now in India discussions are started to keep 33% reservation to woman in the assembly. If this bill passes women will be more powerful to get their rights. Every Mother should be careful in doing their Will. All Will should be registered, this will help to keep the track and to prevent misuse. Husband should give the Will rights to his wife and after the demise of wife rights should be transferred to children. Both husband and wife should do the Will together so that any miscommunication within the family can be avoided. When wife reaches the age of 75 , she can analyse the children’s nature how good they are in caring and taking the responsibility then she can decide on transfer the property rights to her children. Wife gets 1/3rd of the share of the property and children’s get 2/3rd share of the property. If anyone is working in Gulf, then they should do the Will in India and register it here and handover the copy to Gulf government. Reason is in Gulf Muslim law is in practice, hence we need to be careful. We need to be careful in signing the Will. Signature should be always difficult to copy. We can always amend the Will and cancel the Will. Cost of the Will is very small but it will become the powerful tool for the seniors to protect their rights. In any case if children do not take care of them then they can go and apply in the tribunal where judge has the power to nullify all property transfer registration which happened earlier and all rights they can get it back.

Parish priest Fr Valerian DSouza said if Milagres church has become very famous and powerful, it’s because of the women. Today we can find ladies taking different roles in the church like ward representative, Gurkars, taking post in various church organisations, doing the Sunday service in an effective way, singing in the church choir and so on... He mentioned parish pastoral vice-president herself is a role model for others. Today church is alive because of women, their active role in the church and the faith that they spread to others. Women are true messenger of love, they have the strong capability to spread this in family and in our society.

Four women were honoured for their service in the church, they are Sr Angeline Mathias, Mrs Rita Asumptha Pinto, Mrs. Nancy Menezes and Mrs Doris Lobo.

Mrs Sunitha Monteiro, member of family welfare committee and convener of the program rendered the vote of thanks. Program was compered by Mrs Molly Dsouza. Soon after the program, small skit and housie game was organised for the participants.


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